Building Facilities

“IDCUS has always been found to put much energy into their projects – always willing to do all those little extras to make our program a success.”

Charles D. Smith, PE

Chief Facilities Officer, Houston Community College (HCC)

IDCUS’s professional services include planning, performing facilities needs assessments and program management for building facilities. Project planning and program management services have been performed for a number of public school projects in Texas. IDCUS’s business philosophy is to provide our client’s responsive, personalized, professional services that fit their needs. All projects are managed by a principal of the firm who maintains current knowledge on all aspects of each project. IDCUS understands the importance of delivering projects on time and within budget. Our senior staff is experienced in project financing, and can assist in identifying and securing sources of funding to meet your project needs.

  • Program Management – IDCUS offers broad capabilities in Program Management services for major development projects, public works and building facilities by employing staff with experience in full pre-construction services including Land Acquisition, Project Feasibility, Facility and Project Planning, Programming, budgeting and preliminary cost valuations and crafting of RFQ/RFP documents for both construction and design professionals. We have experience in process selection and negotiations, typically working with our client’s legal team to ensure the best contractual agreement possible to successfully implement each program. Our success in these areas has made IDCUS a recognized leader in identifying solutions for today’s construction projects, utilizing today’s technology for tomorrow’s projects.
  • Construction Management – IDCUS’s experienced program management staff keeps projects running smoothly through knowledge of design and construction practices for infrastructure and building facilities. As such, our construction management teams are key players in IDCUS’s full service engineering and construction team. Our operational plan is based upon construction coordination and supervision capabilities that emphasize close interaction with architects, engineers, and contractors, which is essential to achieve cost, quality, and schedule objectives for our clients.
  • Needs Assessments – IDCUS has served their clients, major development projects, public works and building facilities well by performing effective needs assessments. IDCUS meets with client entities, governing authorities, end users and administrators to gather and compile a data base of information reflecting the clients’ lessons learned and goals moving forward to develop a thorough pathway forward for implementing client projects. IDCUS meets with local and state agencies gathering information relevant to the major development projects, public authorities and building facilities master and bond plans. IDCUS makes sure that a varied group of representatives and stakeholders are involved throughout every step of the assessment process in order to develop and administer the data collected is current and relevant to the users master plan. After IDCUS gathers all of the relevant data from the responsible parties and end users regarding their building facilities needs, information is compiled in such a manner that clients can review the assessment information and are able to determine a pathway to reach their end goals. IDCUS has the experience necessary to present accurate information regarding the state of the problems, to support and justify funding or go out to constituents for the implementation of bond programs.
  • Planning Studies – IDCUS has provided and led Planning Studies for Brazosport College, Houston Community College (HCC) and the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, to provide a “road map” for the growth occurring in the southwest United States and Texas. IDCUS is able to pinpoint areas for improvements including educational facilities, athletic complexes, agricultural facilities and transportation facilities that will be necessary in the next 10 years. Because of the importance of managing growth in each of the communities in which IDCUS works, our team is able to provide accuracy in their data to allow the leaders to make informed decisions in their land purchases, building designs, housing requirements and locations, along with the number of facilities needed.