“I wish to commend the IDCUS design team on the quality of their CR 220 widening and extension plans prepared for our project. The plans were well organized, excellent presentation of the design information, and all necessary information was included in the plans and specifications. Through the efforts of the team, the project was a resounding success, finishing on time and on budget, and with a minimum of changes.”

Michael Shannon, PE, CFM

Galveston County Engineer
(Formerly Sr. Assistant County Engineer, Brazoria County)


IDCUS provides planning, program management, engineering, construction engineering and inspection services for freeways, highways, major thoroughfares, urban roadways, and transit facilities for federal, state, county, municipal, and toll road agencies.


Public Works

IDCUS provides public works design and construction management services for roadways, storm water, water distribution, wastewater collection, and site paving and drainage projects.


Construction Engineering & Inspection

IDCUS’s construction coordination and supervision capabilities emphasize close interaction with contractors, which is essential to achieve cost, quality, and schedule objectives for a wide range of transportation and infrastructure projects.


Building Facilities

IDCUS’s professional services include facilities needs assessment, planning, program management and construction management for both private and public building facilities.