IDCUS provides planning, program management, and engineering services for freeways, highways, major thoroughfares, urban roadways, toll roads, and transit facilities for federal, state, county, municipal, and toll road agencies. IDCUS’s planning and program management capabilities include route feasibility studies, alternative alignment analysis, cost estimating, scheduling, and identification of funding sources. IDCUS’s engineering capabilities include schematic design, final roadway design, construction sequencing and construction traffic handling, utilities and drainage design to include storm sewers and detention facilities, and signing and pavement marking design. IDC’s staff have designed, managed, and planned many high profile transportation projects throughout the Houston area and the state of Texas.

  • Planning / Schematics –IDCUS’s capabilities include providing preliminary engineering services, including schematics and preparing environmental documents for major highways, interchanges, and toll facilities.
  • GEC / Program Management – IDCUS provides program management services to major transportation agencies including: METRO, VIA, Harris County Toll Road Authority and Brazoria County Toll Road Authority.
  • Highway (or Roadway) Design – Roadway design capabilities include reconstruction and widening of rural and multi-lane urban roads; major and minor urban and rural roads; and railroad crossings.   IDCUS uses AASHTO and TxDOT Roadway Design Criteria and Standards for design of roadway features.
  • Toll Roads –IDCUS’s capabilities include performing Preliminary and Final Engineering, Transportation Planning and Geometric Review, Traffic Engineering, Traffic and Revenue Studies (Toll Feasibility), Program Management, Construction Management, and Construction Inspection for new alignment toll road facilities, and widening and/or reconstruction of existing toll road facilities.
  • Transit – IDCUS has been providing preliminary and final civil design services to transit agencies for 12 years on a variety of transit, park & ride, HOV and commuter rail projects.  IDCUS’s clients include Houston METRO, Fort Bend County Transit Agency, and VIA.  IDC staff and Project Managers have extensive individual experience (over 85years total) providing design and design management on transit projects.  IDCUS capabilities include the planning and analysis necessary to identify transit corridors and station locations, and how to develop opportunities for transit oriented development.
  • Hydrology & Hydraulics –IDCUS is experienced in hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for small and large-scale transportation projects, including flood plain analysis and mapping, Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; Channel design; Storm sewer design; Detention Basin Design; Culvert Analysis; Hydraulic Impact Analysis, etc.  IDCUS staff is proficient in HEC-1, HEC-2, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, WinStorm, HY8, XP SWMM, ArcGis and GeoPak Drainage.
  • Traffic Engineering – IDCUS provides traffic engineering services, to include traffic studies, impact analysis, and warrant studies; and traffic design services for intersection signalization, and roadway signing and striping, to include overhead signs.