North New Braunfels Sidewalk Project, San Antonio, TX

North New Braunfels Sidewalk Project, San Antonio, TX
Client: City of San Antonio
Completion Date: 2012
Project Cost: $500,000

The project involved the design and reconstruction of approximately one mile long of 4 to 5 feet wide sidewalks along North New Braunfels Avenue from Rittiman Street to Nacogdoches Street. The project was comprised of pedestrian mobility improvements and connectivity enhancements, while maintaining ADA accessibility compliance. The project included pedestrian bridges, drainage design, and modification of existing signals for ADA compliance.

IDCUS was the Prime Consultant for the project, providing project management, and performed the sidewalk and curb design through the 40%, 70%, 95%, and 100% plan submittals including specifications and cost estimates. IDCUS assisted the City in the bidding process. IDCUS also provided construction phase services including field visits, shop drawing reviews, responding to RFIs, coordinating progress meetings, review of change orders, and participated in the substantial completion inspection and construction phase services. Special attention was taken to minimize any impact to the area landscaping that is well established by homeowners. Special consideration was also given to the driveway grade design such that it was greatly improved after construction. Existing drainage conditions were evaluated and maintained without adverse impact. In fact, property owners informed IDC during the final inspection that the driveway connections were greatly enhanced, and the pedestrian bridge had improved the drainage around adjacent properties.

IDCUS coordinated with the surveyor to conduct the necessary survey to develop the sidewalk and the pedestrian bridge designs to meet ADA requirements. IDCUS coordinated with traffic engineering consultant to maximize the values presented by the existing signal system. IDCUS also identified the potential conflict areas and worked closely with the potholing subconsultant and private utility companies to minimize any utility relocation. IDC also coordinated with the City’s Arborist during design to minimize impacts to adjacent trees and provide an appropriate tree protection and mitigation plan.